Bodegas Familiares Matarromera, through the Carlos Moro de Matarromera Foundation, joins the “I’m Counting on You” company set up by the Food Bank to help them exceed 308,000kg. It has thus become a collaborative business, setting up its headquarters, the Emina Ribera Winery, as a food collection centre where customers, visitors, suppliers and employees, as well as the business itself, can donate from yesterday until next Sunday. The Carlos Moro Foundation has in turn obtained the participation of local businesses and councils, so they can use the Emina Ribera Winery as a donation point.

Carlos Moro, President of Matarromera, declares that “these actions reflect this company’s commitment to society and that we have to try and do our bit to try and alleviate as far as possible the precarious food situation that thousands of families in Valladolid find themselves in. Every little bit helps to make a difference, and is essential for them”

Both entities have maintained close collaboration since 2012, when they began to work together by signing a collaboration agreement. From then on Bodegas Familiares Matarromera has donated a variety of foods to the Food Bank, such as extra virgin olive oil, for its next handout and distribution to the homes and families of Valladolid and its province.

Carlos Moro de Matarromera Foundation: Clear vocation to solidarity

Legally formed in December 2011, the Carlos Moro de Matarromera Foundation aims to, among its other objectives, collaborate with and support other foundations and organisations whose goals coincide with those of the Foundation, support and help the most disadvantaged groups in our vicinity, support and promote caring for the land and nature in the surrounding areas of the River Duero, collaborate and suppor national and international bodies that work for the good of humanity and promote the principles of sustainability and environmental protection.

The Carlos Moro de Matarromera Foundation collaborates with entities and bodies that share these same objectives, working on various projects of a humanitarian nature and with eminently social objectives.  

About the Valladolid Food Bank Foundation

The Valladolid Food Bank is based on the concepts of SOLIDARITY and VOLUNTEERING. Its objective is the search of food and/or food surpluses received as donations, and to distribute them to charity centres and institutions, such as: associations, collection centres, nursing homes, parish centres, convents, etc., so they can then distribute them to the groups in society who need them the most.

As such, the distribution carried out by the Food Bank is directed exclusively to these centres. A monthly schedule has been established for these centres to receive the donations.

The Food Bank does not have its own resources or assets that generate income, nor subsidies from the government nor the autonomous community, to cover their current expenses which are generated as a consequence of carrying out their activities within the legal channels required, as with any other company.

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