The origins of what is today Matarromera Group go back centuries. Its founder and Chairman, Carlos Moro, comes from a family that has always been linked to the world of wine. His ancestors cultivated the vines with care and passion, a passion that inspired Carlos Moro right from when he was young.

His commitment with the region of his childhood in his attempt to fully develop a prosperous company centered around the land, the vines and the grapes, not only the wine, has resulted in one of the most successful businesses in the Spanish Duero region.

In 1988 as a winemaker he created the Matarromera Winery in Valbuena de Duero, which is the genesis of what is today a successful business of 7 wineries and a distillery backed with the investment in vineyards, vine, research, wine tourism and innovation.

Nowadays Matarromera does not only produce high quality wines but also a full array of products like EminaZero non-alcoholic wines, Esdor polyphenol based cosmetics, olive oil and brandies, some of which have been awarded internationally, but it is also a leader in sustainability and environmental protection, where the Emina winery was proudly the first to become fully sustainable, as well as a state-of-the-art wine interpretation centre.

Matarromera Group, is a true exponent of what a traditional premium wine producer can become when R&D is the centerpiece of its development.

Carlos Moro is a visionary, a dreamer. A man over 20 years ago imagined an horizon in which Matarromera should be a reference.

Two decades later, that dream has become true, and the Foundation that bears his name is proof of that.

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