The Carlos Moro of Matarromera Foundation and the regional board of The Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) have signed this morning a collaboration agreement. The Foundation founded by the winemaker and entrepreneur of Valladolid will collaborate immediately from this moment.

The agreement has been signed by the president of the regional board of the AECC in Valladolid, Francisco Javier Arroyo, and Remi Sanz, the manager of The Carlos Moro of Matarromera Foundation. This agreement is expected to lead to a really close collaboration between both organizations. One of the objectives of the CMF is to help the in need groups in our area and the organizations which are working for the good of humanity.

During the next weeks both institutions will have several meetings to specify the implication of The Carlos Moro of Matarromera Foundation in different proyects and activities that are being developed by the Spanish Association Against Cancer in Valladolid like investment proyects, promotion activities or donation of different products elaborated by the wine company, with special attention to ESDOR cosmetics. The use of these cosmetics by women affected by any type of cancer-related illness can be really beneficial.

The Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC)

It is a private social organization, non-profit and declared a public utility.

The work developed by the AECC is with a philosophy of collaboration and mutual support with all sectors and entities pursuing similar aim like support, unity, transparency, professionalism, independence and dynamism.

The AECC has its main office in Madrid and operates in Spain through its 52 regional boards, with representation in more than 2,000 locations across the country. In Valladolid it is present since 1961 and has at the moment 89 local boards.

The work and effort of all those who join the Association have the next strategic objectives:

  • Inform and raise awareness to citizens about the factors that facilitate the prevention and early detection of cancer to decrease the incidence and / or mortality from cancer in our country.
  • Support and accompany cancer patients and their families, palliating the problems caused by the cancer disease.
  • Promote research in the fight against cancer.

The work of the Association is possible thanks to the strong organizational structure at the level of governance (Chair, Executive Board, Standing Committee and Technical Committee) and main managers like General Manager and the invaluable assistance of partners and volunteers. The AECC has 3,200 partners and more than 500 volunteers in Valladolid, and 8 professionals who are responsible for developing programs and services of the organization.

The AECC offers several free programs and free services which are destined to general population and people with cancer and their families and to all those social entities that may be involved and support the fight against this disease.

About the Carlos Moro of Matarromera Foundation: vocation to solidarity

Legally constituted in December 2011, the Carlos Moro of Matarromera Foundation began its activity on June with the first meeting of its board, where the first projects were defined.
The most important objectives of the Foundation are:

  • Support and assist the neediest groups.
  • Support and care for the earth and environment near the Duero River.
  • Promoting principles of Sustainability and Environmental care.
  • Promotion and development of research projects to improve nutrition, health, environment, education and people welfare.
  • Cooperate and support national and international organizations working for the good of humanity.
  • Cooperate and support other foundations or organizations with the same goals as Carlos Moro of Matarromera Foundation.

During the next weeks the Carlos Moro of Matarromera Foundation will sign new agreements with other entities and organizations with the same objectives and will start to work in different solidarity and social projects.

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