The cooperation agreement will make possible a permanent collaboration and will help Valladolid families with food products donation.

The Carlos Moro of Matarromera Foundation and the Valladolid Food Bank Foundation have signed this morning a collaboration agreement. The Foundation founded by the winemaker and entrepreneur of Valladolid, Carlos Moro, will donate different food products for the people in need from the Castilla y Leon capital.

The agreement was signed by the President of the Valladolid Food Bank, Jose María Zárate, the manager of the Carlos Moro of Matarromera Foundation, Remi Sanz, and the President of the organization, Carlos Moro. This agreement is expected to lead to a really close collaboration between both organizations. One of the objectives of the CMF is to help the in need groups in our area.

With this agreement the Food Bank has immediately got access to different products of Matarromera Group like Olive Oil and red, white and rosé wine of its wineries to distribute to families of Valladolid.

Apart from the donation of food products, the Food Bank Foundation and the Carlos Moro of Matarromera Foundation collaborate closely and permanently in the different programs and objectives that both entities target from now, promoting activities related to the development and activity of the Food Bank.

About the Valladolid Food Bank Foundation

The Valladolid Food Bank is based on solidarity and volunteering. Its objective is to gather surplus food received for free to distribute it to welfare centers and charities associations for the neediest groups in society.

The distribution by the Food Bank is only and exclusively to such centers. It does not have its own financial resources or incomes, neither public subsidy.

About the Carlos Moro of Matarromera Foundation: vocation to solidarity

Legally constituted in December 2011, the Carlos Moro of Matarromera Foundation began its activity on June with the first meeting of its board, where the first projects were defined.

The most important objectives of the Foundation are:

  • Support and assist the neediest groups.
  • Support and care for the earth and environment near the Duero River.
  • Promoting principles of Sustainability and Environmental care.
  • Promotion and development of research projects to improve nutrition, health, environment, education and people welfare.
  • Cooperate and support national and international organizations working for the good of humanity.
  • Cooperate and support other foundations or organizations with the same goals as Carlos Moro of Matarromera Foundation.

During the next weeks the Carlos Moro of Matarromera Foundation will sign new agreements with other entities and organizations with the same objectives and will start to work in different solidarity and social projects.

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