The Journalists Sergio Casquet and Enrique Beotas sketchs a human and professional profile on the figure of Carlos Moro the President and Founder of Matarromera.

There are two limited editions: the first one of 1500 copies in Spanish and a second one of 1000 copies in English acquired in its entirety by Matarromera. The profits selling the book will go to the Caritas organization.Matarromera Group is today one of the big names of the winemaking and national and international business, thanks to the quality of their wines, olive oils, wines without alcohol, high-end cosmetics and spirits, but also because of the brilliant business model and its strategic internationalization plan.

For several months, the journalists and writers Enrique Beotas and Sergio Casquet have been working on this book about the figure of Carlos Moro, president and founder of Matarromera. The company, present today in over 80 countries around the world, began 25 years ago in the heart of the Ribera del Duero thanks to the lead of D. Carlos Moro.

“Carlos Moro, the roots of a dream” shows in over 272 pages, a personal profile on the human figure and the founder of the company, making a brief tour of his life, his business career and family ties and his thoughts on culture, society, economy, business and wine.

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