Research, Sustainability and Solidarity, priority objectives of the entity.

  • The spanish winemaker and entrepreneur leads the new Foundation that is created with an initial capital of 37,901.47 US Dollar.
  • Esperanza Castro, Isabel Moro and Pedro Astals are, whith Carlos Moro, the management team of the foundation
  • Legally established at the end of 2011, the Foundation aims to mobilize, in the next five years, resources amounting to 315,971.73 USD.

Carlos Moro of Matarromera Foundation borns with the objective of promote, conduct and manage several activities and programs related to personal, social, human and cultural people development.

Carlos Moro History

Carlos Moro, born in Valladolid, Spain, in 1953 is a really wine lover. es un auténtico enamorado del mundo del vino. His family background have always been linked to the world of wine, pioneering the planting of vineyards in Olivares de Duero and Valbuena, now considered an essential part of the Golden Mile of the Ribera del Duero. In 1988 he founded Bodega Matarromera with the intention of returning to the land and the River Duero all that it have given to him.

Matarromera is today a business group that bases its essence in the vineyard, employment, wine, research and land.

From the beginning, Carlos Moro has shown a special interest in projects and activities with high social content and researcher.

Since 1988, Bodega Matarromera, through its president, works with institutions, companies and groups with the aim of providing support to different social activities.

Carlos Moro of Matarromera Foundation is another step in the way of the commitment of the Group with people and their environment.

Objectives and aims of the Foundation:

Carlos Moro Foundation was created with a social conscience, marked by specific goals:

  • I. Support and assistance to the disadvantaged groups.
  • II. Support and care for the earth and nature near the Duero River.
  • III. Promoting principles of Sustainability and Environment.
  • IV. Cooperation and support for national and international organizations working for the good of humanity.III. Promotion and development of research projects to improve nutrition, health, environment, education and people welfare.
  • V. Cooperation and support of other foundations or organizations whith the same goals as Carlos Moro of Matarromera Foundation.

The Foundation will soon begin to develop projects and activities to achieve these goals:

  • a) Collaboration with different organizations and institutions that share the same purposes as the Foundation.
  • b) The creation, management and promotion of offers or initiatives that contribute to the of cultural, social, economic, industrial and technology development and improvement.
  • c) Participation in the development, implementation and realization of programs, research, courses or projects to carry out any of the purposes of the Foundation.
  • d) Edition of publications, media and other tools to carry out the purposes of the Foundation.
  • e) Organize events, meetings or solidarity activities whose purpose is raising funds go entirely to the Foundation and its goals.
  • f) Establishment of programs and projects to promote economic and cultural development of Lower Duero.

The Foundation financing will be marked in different ways: first, by management team contribution, as well as the Group Matarromera companies (Matarromera, Abrobiotec SL, Sinalcohol, Valdebaniego and ESDOR Cosmetics). In addition, during the year the Foundation will develop actions, events and projects to raise funds for the Foundation that was created with an initial capital of 37,901.47 US Dollar and aims to mobilize , in the next five years, resources amounting to 315,971.73 USD.

In addition, the Foundation is open to people who want to collaborate with the entity.

Membership of Carlos Moro of Matarromera Foundation

Founded in December 2011, the Foundation has the following membership:

  • Carlos Moro Gonzalez, Founder
  • Esperanza Castro Becerra
  • Isabel Moro González
  • Pedro Astals Coma

In addition, the management body of the foundation is completed with Remi Sanz (manager of the Foundation) and Rosa Arias (secretary).

Carlos Moro Foundation Matarromera have an important and active presence on social media, as evidenced by the recent creation of the profiles on Facebook and Twitter, where the Foundation will report regularly each activitie.

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