ATA and The Matarromera Carlos Moro Foundation will award entrepreneurs who contribute to rural development in Castile-León

The Matarromera Carlos Moro Foundation (FCMM to use its Spanish acronym) and the Association of Self-employed Workers of Castilla y León (ATA CyL to use its Spanish acronym) will reward self-employed workers who, through their business projects, contribute to the economic development of rural areas of Castile-León.


Both organisations have convened for the 2nd edition of the EMPRENDECYL Awards  to identify, recognise and reward new entrepreneurs with creative and innovative ventures that generate jobs in rural areas, thus promoting economic and local development in any of the provinces in the region. An event that, according to Soraya Mayo, president of the ATA in Castile-León “should be consolidated as the benchmark prize for the self-employed in the rural areas of Castile-León.” For his part, Carlos Moro, has stated that the region needs more companies and entities and that for the Matarromera Carlos Moro Foundation “there is nothing more rewarding than being able to promote projects in cooperation with associations with which we share values and principles”.


The winning project will receive 3,000 euros, the second prize will receive a cheque for 2,000 euros and the third will receive a sum of 1,500 euros. The three winners will receive their title of recognition as winner and membership to ATA CyL for 12 months free of charge, taking advantage of all its benefits and services. The winning projects in the first edition of these awards were COMOCABRAS, Pollos de la Aldea and Elecdomo.


Innovation, job creation and social responsibility


To choose the winners among all the projects presented, the ATA and FCMM will consider factors such as the innovative character of the product or service and aspects that help to boost the community as a source of differentiating initiatives.


The criteria to be assessed will also certainly include activity which is developed within the framework of strategic sectors and/or new sources of employment such as rural trade, agri-food industry, activities aimed at the elderly or children, tourist activities, activities related to new technologies, the environment, renewable energies and eco-innovation.


In addition, special value will be placed on principles which are based on corporate social responsibility, the use of home-grown resources in the region to strengthen and energise the rural environment, the international projection of the activity or the future projection of the business through its viability and its prospective growth.


Among the other criteria, the number of jobs created through the initiative will also be considered, as well as women’s participation in the business project and the recruitment of people with disabilities, immigrants, the long-term unemployed, women who have suffered gender-related violence, young people and any other group at risk of social exclusion.




The terms and conditions of the convening, which can be consulted on the ATA website ( and that of the Foundation itself (, establish that active entrepreneurs domiciled in the region and who have registered in the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers between the 6th of November 2013 and the 6th of November 2018 may participate.


The window for submission of applications begins on the 7th of November and ends on the 7th of February, and may be submitted using the application form found on the website, in person at ATA Valladolid’s headquarters or by email to


The jury will be chaired by a trustee of the FCMM and will be made up of the president of ATA CyL, Soraya Mayo, representatives of VITARTIS (The Food Industry Association of Castile-León), APD (Association for the Progress of Management), the Ministry of Agriculture for Castile-León and representatives of the Castile-León business sector, and Roberto Sanz, manager of the FCMM, will take part as secretary. The decision will be announced in March and the prize will be awarded at an event held especially for this purpose.


Matarromera Carlos Moro Foundation


The Matarromera Carlos Moro Foundation was founded in 2012 with the aim of promoting, carrying out or managing different activities and programmes related to the personal, social, human and cultural development of the people.


Their clear and defined social conscience is marked by a series of objectives and concrete goals that are summarised in five basic points:


  • Support and help for the most underprivileged groups.
  • Support and care for the land and nature in the environment of the Duero River. Promote principles of Sustainability and Environmental care
  • Promotion and development of research projects to improve nutrition, health, the environment, training and people’s well-being.
  • Cooperation and support for national and international organisations working for the good of humanity.
  • Cooperation and support for other foundations or organisations whose aims align with those of the Matarromera Carlos Moro Foundation.


ATA Castile-León


Founded in 2004, as part of the National Federation of Self-Employed Workers Associations (ATA). It has 8000 members in Castile-León and has a presence in all 9 provincial capitals of the region, as well as Ponferrada.

Among the aims of the association are:

  • To defend the rights of self-employed workers in Castile-León in order to obtain greater social benefits
  • To obtain adequate financing for the collective
  • To uphold and maintain the reputation of self-employed people in all areas of social dialogue
  • To promote entrepreneurship especially in rural areas as a means to keep people there
  • To help get young people into self-employment
  • To improve the competitiveness and training of self-employed people in the community.



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